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Three mothers in Guatemala share how they’ve built better relationships with their children

Mother’s Day is an important day to recognize and celebrate mothers all over the world. In Guatemala, Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10th. We would like to take this opportunity to lift up some of the mothers who are [...]

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Doña Susy, mother of four, fights for the future of her family

March is Women’s History Month, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate women all over the world. At Common Hope, we are fortunate to see the achievements that women of all ages are making every day with their families and in their communities. These [...]

Preparing young ones for scholarly success in San Rafael

Every year, about one in three Guatemalan children fail first grade. Many of these students come from impoverished homes of parents with little education, most of whom are unable to provide their children with adequate stimulation—the lack of which delays [...]

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