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Dental Care in Guatemala: An interview with Dr. Steve Humbert

Dr. Steve Humbert has made 62 volunteer trips to Guatemala to provide dental care for families through Common Hope’s Dental Team program. He considers Guatemala his second home and during his visits, he’s made friends with a lot of the [...]

2022-02-14T16:59:15+00:00February 10th, 2022|Healthcare, Our Favorites|0 Comments

The Beginning of a New Partnership and Relationship

At Common Hope, affiliation is just the beginning of a student's road to graduation and the partnership with their whole family. Affiliation can be compared to an application process for being admitted into college. The process ensures that fixed criteria are [...]

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Educated Women are Empowered Women

Research has shown that educated girls can change the trajectory of their own lives, reverse the cycles of poverty, generate economic growth and in turn change their communities for the better. Educated women receive higher lifetime earnings and lead healthier, [...]