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Boston Scientific unites the corporate community during Hispanic Heritage Month

Boston Scientific unites the corporate community during Hispanic Heritage Month To kick-off Hispanic Heritage Month, Boston Scientific HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Leadership & Advancement), hosted a Walk for Hope at Bde Maka Ska. Among the attendees were companies [...]

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Common Hope welcomes volunteers again! What you need to know if you’re considering traveling.

Visitor Experiences are the backbone of Common Hope’s support system.  The visitor programs are designed to provide an immersive experience to learn about the people, culture, and landscape of Guatemala. They give a deeper insight into how Common Hope operates [...]

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3M LRN fosters cross-cultural relationships through volunteerism

3M Latino Resource Network (LRN) members across the U.S. and Latin America continue to volunteer their time to foster important cross-cultural relationships. Most recently, 50 volunteers partnered with Common Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting poverty in Guatemala through [...]

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Boston Scientific Walks For Hope and raises over $20k for Common Hope

Boston Scientific, Common Hope Corporate Partner since 2018, tops the charts for their enthusiasm and passion for Common Hope's mission! IT happened fast - when Common Hope had to postpone two Boston Scientific Vision Teams because of COVID-19, team [...]

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Families are a powerful force as they Walk For Hope

Common Hope knows the power of families and their ability to move mountains. Be it the determination of the families we serve as they work towards a better life for themselves and their children, or the compassion and generous [...]

Executive Management Team shares and reflects as they Walk for Hope

The positive response to Common Hope’s first virtual Walk For Hope was incredibly exciting and energizing. Common Hope’s sponsors and supporters, members from the Executive Management Team were enthusiastic to participate in Walk For [...]