Father’s Day is tomorrow in Guatemala and just a few days away in the U.S.! To celebrate, we would like to share the story of Don Florentín, a father in San Rafael El Arado who has instilled the importance of education in his children and encourages them to learn and grow everyday. Currently, all of his children are studying and his family is the second in the San Rafael community to have a family member graduate with a three-year degree! Needless to say, Don Florentín is very proud of what his children are accomplishing. By receiving an education, he says that his children are achieving his dreams and goals.


Don Florentín’s eldest son, Mynor, graduated last year and is now an accountant. While in school, Mynor studied on the weekends and worked during the week as a means to support his family financially. He began to work at the Cooperativa Cuarto Pinos by handling boxes; shortly after, he worked his way up to managing the data entry. With work experience under his belt and a high school degree in hand, Mynor has set his sights on studying at the university to become an auditor. Don Florentín, proud of his son and grateful for Common Hope’s support, expressed: “This is because you [Common Hope] supported him with his education. I can’t emphasize enough that you are helping immensely…and you believe in him.”






Erick is a responsible and respectful young man who is also earning his accounting degree. He studies on the weekends and helps his family with their agricultural chores during the week. He is a dedicated and motivated individual who wants to do well in his professional career.









Amalia is Don Florentín’s daughter. Amalia began pursing a degree in pedagogy last year but decided to change her career path. Now, she is studying to become an accountant like her brothers, and she works at the co-op to help earn money for her family. Don Florentín says that he is happy that Amalia is gaining new knowledge and experiences.







Don Florentín’s wife also expressed how happy she feels that her children are studying, especially since she never had the opportunity to do so. She firmly believes that education changes lives for the better, and says that her family is already experiencing the benefits of having an education thanks to Mynor’s current job.

Lesbia, the family’s social worker, says that it is gratifying to see families like Don Florentín’s trust Common Hope and seek out its support so that their children may stay in school. “I’m filled with satisfaction listening to Don Florentín talk about his family because I know Common Hope is helping them; he is making a difference in the community by providing his children something that not all community members have embraced yet: an education!”

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Mynor, Erick and Amalia! Thank you to Don Florentín and to all the fathers out there for their love, support and encouragement. Happy Father’s Day and Feliz Día del Padre!