19-year old Josh Manansala has supported Common Hope for some years now. In 2012, Josh visited Guatemala for the first time by going on a Vision Team with his parents, who also have been sponsors since 1992. He and his family have been visiting Guatemala frequently ever since. Josh wanted to make even more of a difference, so he began sharing his musical talents by giving music lessons to children. With a heart for Guatemala and Common Hope’s mission, Josh decided to combine his passion for doing good with his love for music and help Common Hope.

Josh says it seemed natural to donate part of the proceeds for his music efforts to Common Hope. Just this year, the organization he aptly named Keys4Hope donated $1,000 to Common Hope to help cover the cost for Keila Flores to have knee surgery. Keila is 16 years old and has pathological synovial plicae of the knee, a very painful condition that inhibits her from bending or extending her knee. She had not been able to run or walk without severe pain since she was very young. After Keila´s surgery, she hopes to play soccer again because she hasn’t been able to play for a very long time. Keila is very grateful for the support of Keys4Hope and Common Hope.

Josh met Keila when he recently traveled to Guatemala on a Common Hope Vision Team. It was a great experience for Josh because he saw the difference that they made in Keila’s life. “It made it real for me to see a tangible impact. The students we teach music to are benefiting and so are children here in Guatemala,” says Josh.

Josh starts school at the University of California Los Angeles this fall and plans to give music lessons to at least one student while away at college. Furthermore, he plans to host fundraising recital events to raise even more funds to donate.

Thank you, Josh, for supporting Common Hope and making a difference in Keila’s life—we hope to see her on the soccer field very soon!