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Fighting a new poverty. Creating the new normal.

Common Hope is finding answers in the face of uncertainty, pivoting program delivery, and meeting families where they are. Right now, Common Hope families are fighting new levels of food insecurity, unmet connectivity, and strained physical, emotional and educational health.

Join us in the fight to navigate forward with creativity and innovation. Together, we can provide hope in the face of uncertainty.


How You Can Help

Give to Common Hope’s response efforts so that families can go to sleep with full stomachs, peace of mind, and hope for a better tomorrow.


We are more aware than ever how critical it is to be connected; to health resources, to educational resources, to friends and family. Learning can require internet. Parents need to be able to access Common Hope’s telehealth hotline during the pandemic. Common Hope’s social workers need to be able to maintain contact with families to understand their needs. The need for connectivity, including phones, data plans, and cell phone minutes, is among the highest during this crisis.

Support Connectivity

Educational Support

While school is not in session, Common Hope needs to keep educational health a priority for children and parents. We are creating new ways for preschool through primary school students to engage in learning. The SPARKS “Chispudos” program ensures that kids continue to build skills in math and reading and keep learning at the forefront and parents get resources to build learning at home. The education team also operates a daytime and evening homework hotline to help students when they need it.


Food Security

Food is available in Guatemala, but decreased income has affected the ability of families to purchase what they need. Food insecurity is among the top concerns for families during this crisis. Remember, these families already lived at the poverty line before this pandemic. Common Hope wants to provide food resources to families for as long as needed to aid in the effort to prevent even greater food instability and hunger.


Health Care

Creating a holistic health approach to health care is a priority for families and staff. This includes physical, emotional, and mental health. Clinic staff continue to lead the development and implementation of safety protocols for those delivering these programs and monitor tele-medicine resources. During lockdown, tele-health is critical. We’re dedicating resources to support not only physical health, but to address anxiety, stress, and emotional health.


Relief Sponsorship:
The stimulus for hope and inspiration in trying times

During COVID-19, families need help. One way you can help is by making a temporary commitment to support a student, their family, and Common Hope’s relief efforts.

As a temporary Relief Sponsor, your giving is a force of good and becomes hope for a student and their family. Help us fund their support during COVID-19. Let’s give them hope. Together.


More Ways to Help