Why We Walk

We walk to acknowledge the increasing distance between accessible health care and the typical family in Guatemala. In 2023, Common Hope Familias de Esperanza (CHFDE) initiated a multifaceted health plan that included preventative health screenings, vision clinics, wellness education as well as continuing in providing much needed health clinics throughout central Guatemala. Though the central focus of CHFDE is our educational mission, a families ability to thrive and their children’s ability to stay in school depends on their physical and mental health. By providing regular access to healthcare and wellness education we can ensure that thousands of affected families can receive the needed resources to succeed.

With your partnership, we can continue to provide this life saving support.


Participant            $100

Our Participants will receive a tee shirt to wear their efforts with pride. Hope for all is at the core of our mission. We believe there’s more to an education than supplies, so from healthcare to housing, becoming more starts with doing more.

Pickle Ball set

Partner            $500

Our Partners will receive a Custom Common Hope Pickle-ball paddle set as a token of our gratitude. Pickleball is offered as an extracurricular activity for our students and is quickly becoming a student favorite. Not only does it provide them with enjoyable leisure time, but it also promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

Advocate Dinner

Advocate            $1000

Your efforts as an Advocate have made a significant difference in the lives of students and families in Guatemala. As a special recognition, you have earned an exclusive invite to our Advocate Dinner. Your dedication and commitment to our mission are truly inspiring! Details to be announced at the Walk for Hope in September.


Resources and Information for Walkers

How do I register and use my fundraising page? What can I share on my social media pages? Will I get a t-shirt? All these questions and more are answered below! Check out this section and discover everything you need to know about the Walk For Hope.

Still have questions? No problem! We’re here to help. Email Krista at KristaR@us.commonhope.org or call 651-287-0717.

How to Register and Fundraise

Common Hope uses a platform called “Classy” that will automatically create your fundraising pages. Setting up your own personal page or your team page is as easy as 1, 2, 3 – and even easier if you walked with us in previous years. Click below for instructions on how to register, how to set up your page, edit your page, and use your page to receive donations and promote your walk.
How to Guide

Sharing Your Walk with Others

Share with the world that you are Walking the Extra Mile for students and families in Guatemala! Tell your Uncle George and Grandma Mary. Tell your coworkers and friends! It is easy to share your walk on social media or send an email. Click below to download some photos and information to share with others and promote your walk!
Download and Share

Fundraising Prizes

Fundraising is FUN with extra special prizes! The first goal? Raise $100, which can provide a week of tutoring for a student in Guatemala and you’ll get a t-shirt! After that, the sky is the limit! You could snag yourself a zip-up, a hat, or this year’s special edition YETI mug by walking the Extra Mile for hope! Prizes will be sent at the end of the Walk For Hope in November.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Hope strives to make participating in the Walk For Hope as easy as possible, but we know you may still have questions. From donations to fundraising, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you still are unable to find what you are looking for! Email us at KristaR@us.commonhope.org.