2021 Walk For Hope

Together, we raised more than $95,000!

This spring, walkers all over the world came together to show the world the power of walking the Extra Mile for students and families in Guatemala! Along with coworkers, community members, friends, and family, hundreds of you joined this year’s Walk For Hope.

We showed the world the Power of Hope!
We hope you will walk with us again in 2022!

2021 Walk For Hope Video

Thank You to Our 2021 Sponsors for Going the Extra Mile

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Why We Walk

We walk because less than 20% of kids graduate from high school in Guatemala. We walk to support education for students living in poverty, so that they can graduate and help end generational poverty for their family. We walk for the kids just starting school, where they will likely hold a book for the first time. We walk so families have access to quality health care. We walk to help young people dream, grow, and succeed. We walk the Extra Mile to fight poverty with diplomas!

Last year, walkers raised more than $115,000 for Common Hope programs! Every dollar you raise Walking for Hope directly supports education for kids and health care, housing, and programs for their entire family.

What Your Walk Fundraising Makes Possible

Walk to Provide Distance Learning

$96 is the amount necessary to provide one month of programming to just one of Common Hope’s over 3,100+ students. Giving or raising $96 can support a student’s data plan, computer, or phone access to complete their homework assignments.

Walk to Provide Quality Health Care

$576 funds six months of programming for a student in Common Hope’s programs. These comprehensive programs include access to quality health care. Walking promotes good health during this pandemic, and access to health resources has never been more top of mind.

Walk to Provide Educational Coaching & Resources

$1,152 funds 100% of an entire year of programming to one Common Hope student. In 2021, this includes homework help through educational coaching, distance learning tools, health care, and much more. Help ensure students continue on the path to graduation.

How Will You Walk the Extra Mile?

Walk, run, skip, or dance! You can walk for hope YOUR way, whether it’s a 5k, a walk around your local park, or on your track. Start walking now so you can walk the Extra Mile and ask your network to support your walk goal! Walk on your own, walk with friends, family members, coworkers, or your neighborhood. Register as an individual or create a team!  Common Hope welcomes teams of all sizes–from faith communities in Minnesota, to families in California, to corporate teams in Boston.

Check out some ideas below to start walking the Extra Mile! Get your network to cheer you on and support your walk goal!

 Start walking now and walk 96 miles before June 13!

 Walk one mile each day from now until June 13!

 Walk a 5k every week or weekend!

Walk/hike your favorite mountain or trail!

Interested in Becoming an Event Sponsor?

Support and grow your company’s corporate responsibility efforts while also promoting healthy living and philanthropic initiatives! Common Hope offers corporate sponsorships with 100% of your company’s sponsorship supporting Common Hope programs and in turn, your company is promoted to our nationwide network of 500 walkers and 10,000 supporters. Connect with employees, promote team building, and walk the Extra Mile to make a difference!

Sponsorship Opportunities 

  • The Power of Hope 35th Anniversary Sponsor – $15,000

  • The T-Shirt Sponsor – $3,500

  • Virtual Finish Line Sponsor (SOLD)

  • The Education Sponsor (SOLD)

  • The Health Care Sponsor (SOLD)

  • The Housing Sponsor – $1,500

  • The Social Work Sponsor (SOLD)

See Sponsorship Benefits

Becoming an Event Sponsor

If you would like to be a sponsor at this year’s Walk For Hope or have questions about corporate sponsorship, corporate walk teams, and registration, please contact Avi Mylrea at AviM@us.commonhope.org or call 651-287-0716. We look forward to partnering with you!

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Resources and Information for Walkers

How do I use my fundraising page? What can I share on my social media pages? Will I get a t-shirt? All these questions and more are answered below! Check out this section and discover everything you need to Walk the Extra Mile!

Still have questions? No problem! We’re here to help. Email Avi Mylrea at AviM@us.commonhope.org or call 651-917-0716.

Using Your Fundraising Page

Common Hope uses a platform called “Classy” that will automatically create your fundraising pages. Setting up your own personal page is as easy as 1, 2, 3 – and even easier if you walked with us in 2020. Click below for instructions on setting up your page, editing your page, and using your page to receive donations and promote your walk.
Classy Guide

Sharing Your Walk with Others

Share with the world that you are Walking the Extra Mile for students and families in Guatemala! Tell your Uncle George and Grandma Mary. Tell your coworkers and friends! It is easy to share your walk on social media or send an email. Click below to download some photos and information to share with others and promote your walk!
Download and Share

Fundraising Incentives

Fundraising is FUN with extra special incentives! The first goal? Raise $96, which can provide an entire month of programming to a student in Guatemala and you’ll get a t-shirt! After that, the sky is the limit! You could snag yourself a weekender bag or a special edition YETI mug by Walking the Extra Mile!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Hope strives to make participating in the Walk For Hope as easy as possible, but we know you may still have questions. From donations to fundraising, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you still are unable to find what you are looking for! Email Avi Mylrea at AviM@us.commonhope.org