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Relief Sponsorship:
The stimulus for hope and inspiration in trying times

During Covid-19, families need help. In order to meet the need, a temporary commitment to support a student, their family, and Common Hope matters. Common Hope AND the families below need help as we navigate uncharted territory.

As a Relief Sponsor, your giving is a force of good and becomes hope for a student and their family. The families below have never had a sponsor. Help us fund their support during Covid-19. Let’s give them hope. Together.

Monthly Donation for Just 3 Months
Choose a family below to support and become a Relief Sponsor with a gift of $65/month for just 3 months. Your donation will be automatically deducted from the account provided. We will send you a photo of the family you are helping, a note from them, and an update on how they are doing.

One-Time Donation
Choose a family below to support and make a one-time gift that provides the support for a Relief Sponsorship. Make a one-time gift of $195 for 3 months, $390 for 6 months, or $585 to provide a temporary sponsorship through the end of this year.

Relief Sponsors will receive:

  • A photo of the student and the family you helped
  • A note from the family
  • A family update on how your support helped

Meet the Families You Can Help

Below are a few of the Common Hope families in Guatemala that would love to have hope in their corner right now. A lack of income (work), food scarcity, and health complications dominate life among Common Hope Families right now. You can help. Click their photo and make a difference. Become a temporary sponsor today.

Common Hope’s goal is to find 55 relief sponsors by June 30, 2020. Can you help? Please forward this link to your friends and families and encourage them to see what Common Hope sponsorship is like without the long-term commitment.

53 of 55 families have been sponsored!