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2 students have been sponsored! Thank you for helping us reach our goal! 2

Pay it forward this Hispanic Heritage Month by sponsoring a trailblazing student in Guatemala.

September 15-October 15, Common Hope is celebrating Sponsorpalooza and Hispanic Heritage Month! This year we are undertaking our biggest sponsorship goal yet of finding sponsors for 100 students. It’s time to help students shine. Support a student by becoming their sponsor and help them become future leaders!

Let’s unite and make this Sponsorpalooza BIGGER and BETTER in honor of students in Guatemala! 

Join us and BE THE HOPE. 

Become a Sponsor. Support a future leader.

This is the time to help our students feel seen, heard, and valued through the power of education! Knowing that someone cares about your success and has confidence in you can be a game changer! Become a sponsor and provide motivation and encouragement to a student in Guatemala! When you Sponsor before 10/15 your sponsorship will be matched for the rest of 2022! BE THE HOPE NOW. Click on a student’s photo to become their sponsor.


Hi. My name is Miriam. I am 11 years old and in the 5th grade. I have one younger brother. His name is Marvin. My dad is a farmer and my mom stays at home and takes care of us. We have many different farm animals.


Hola! My name is Leandro. I am 12 years old. This year I am studying the 6th grade. It is my last year of elementary school! My mom is a teacher and helps me with my homework whenever I need it. I want to graduate high school one day so I can make her proud.


Hi my name is Will. I am 8 years old and in the 1st grade. At school, I like to learn about dinosaurs. Both of my parents are farmers in our village, San Rafael. We grow black beans, corn and many other vegetables.


Hola! My name is Andres. I am 7 years old and in the 1st grade. I have two younger siblings. I like being their big brother. I like to play with toy trucks and ride bike.


Hi. My name is Kristoffer. I am in preschool. At school, I like to do arts and crafts. I also like to play trucks with my friends.


Hola! My name is Dayana. I am 6 years old. My favorite Disney Princess is Belle. I like the color pink. I have an older brother. He reads books to me.


Hi! My name is Eyvid and I am in the 4th grade. I live at home with my mom and dad in San Miguel. Neither of my parents graduated high school. I want to be the first to graduate high school! Will you help encourage me?

Small acts of generosity and kindness have a ripple effect. Even after 20 years, Edwin still carries the names of his sponsors in his wallet. Even if you’ve seen Edwin’s story before, your hope will be restored. Watch now.

Ways to Get Involved This Month

Sponsoring a student this month is an extremely impactful way to make a difference, but if sponsoring isn’t for you (or if you’re already a sponsor) there are other great ways to get involved and to celebrate Sponsorpalooza and Hispanic Heritage Month.

Contact | 651-917-0243 to learn more and schedule your engagement!

What is Sponsorpalooza?

Started in 2016, Sponsorpalooza is a campaign from September 15-October 15, dedicated to honoring those who already sponsor and to finding new sponsors to BE THE HOPE! 

Students in Guatemala are starting to return to classrooms after two years of long-distance learning. This is a new and challenging transition—especially for our younger students as many of them have never stepped foot in a classroom. Pre-pandemic, 2 in 10 students graduated high school. It’s likely less now as students faced challenges that led to decreased motivation. Our students need your support more than ever so they can strive for a better life through education.

 There is hope. Sponsors and supporters give HOPE to students in need and motivate them to keep learning as they embark on their educational journey.

It is Common Hope’s goal to connect students directly with a sponsor. When you become a sponsor, you change lives. Not only by providing financial support for tuition, books, uniforms, and school supplies but more importantly, by providing motivation and hope on their path to end the cycle of poverty. 

As a Sponsor, you will connect with a student through letter writing and bi-annual updates. If you travel to Guatemala, we’d love to connect you with your student! Sponsoring a Common Hope student gives you the opportunity to see them grow and witness their success firsthand.

Sponsorpalooza Events

From corporate volunteer events, to faith community mission moments, to Culture & Coffee presentations––Sponsorpalooza is being celebrated near and far. Check out upcoming events and get yours scheduled today!

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