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Sponsor a student this September, change a life forever.

This September, Sponsorpalooza is celebrating our Sponsors around the world and sharing with others how to BE THE HOPE for students in Guatemala. In Guatemala, over half the population lives in poverty and 25% live on less than $2/day. Parents are forced to choose which children get to go to school. Children want to help their family, so they start working instead of studying. Only 18.6% of Guatemalan students graduate from high school.

Common Hope is working to change this! Sponsors give HOPE to students in Guatemala and motivate them to keep working towards their high school diploma. In Guatemala, a high school diploma can double a person’s income and ultimately create a better future for their families right where they are.

This month, we want to find 75 new sponsors to BE THE HOPE for these motivated students in Guatemala.

The first month of every sponsorship will be MATCHED in September thanks to an anonymous ‘angel’ sponsor. There’s never been a better time to become a sponsor!

Our goal has been reached! 99 students have been sponsored! MUCHAS GRACIAS 100
Become a Sponsor

Be the person who changes a life.

Even after 19 years, Edwin still carries the names of his sponsors in his wallet. You can make a lifetime of difference for a student like Edwin.


Who wants to worry? Nobody! But sometimes even small worries can get the best of us.

There is a beautiful legend of a Mayan princess who was granted the power to solve any worry a human could carry in their heart. Guatemalan artisans create Worry Dolls to represent the princess. According to the legend, children tell their worries to the Worry Doll, place it under their pillow, and by morning the doll has gifted them the wisdom and power to eliminate their worries.

This September, Common Hope is on a mission to make your Wednesdays worry-free. We will be handing out tiny Worry Dolls all around the Twin Cities, bringing smiles to faces and spreading hope and joy to everyone we meet. Check out our Events Calendar below to see where we’ll be!

If you get one of our Worry Dolls, snap a picture of your worry-free smile and share it using the hashtag #NoWorryWednesday.

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