You don’t have to travel to Guatemala to make an impact. From organizing a supply drive and lending a hand in the office, to simply spreading the word about Common Hope, there are many ways to volunteer right here in the United States. Changing lives isn’t a simple, or one-dimensional, task. It requires many people in many places doing what they can to make a difference. And volunteering just might be the best fit for you.


In the United States

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most volunteer opportunities with Common Hope are now virtual. One of the biggest needs is for Spanish/English translation. We will continue to add virtual volunteer opportunities as they arise! Check CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES below to see the ways you can volunteer from your home!  

Volunteers across the United States provide important support for Common Hope’s daily operations. They organize mailings, fund-raise, network, advocate and provide administrative assistance. Some work in our U.S. office, others work from home. Below are a few key ways that you can contribute as a U.S.-based volunteer:

  • Sort and stuff mailings
  • Help prep for upcoming events or volunteer at the event
  • Organize and pack supplies in the St. Paul warehouse
  • Provide administrative assistance
  • Translate sponsorship mail
  • Schedule presentations at your workplace, faith community or civic group
  • Plan a home party or other event to spread the word

Organize a supply drive or donate supplies

When you organize a supply drive for Common Hope or donate supplies, you are making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of impoverished students and families in Guatemala. Each year, Common Hope provides school-supply bags to more than 3,400 students in Guatemala, making it possible for them to pursue their dreams. Supplies are also needed for our homework centers, AniMate Math Center, and warehouse.

By gathering a group of friends or your community to collect supplies through the year, you can directly help the people of Guatemala. Our needs are different depending on the season, so if you want to organize a supply drive or have questions, please contact us.

Right now we are collecting:

  • Art supplies, games and toys, youth program supplies, office supplies, and health and hygiene items.
  • Spanish Books (AKJ Education is a great resource for finding book collections in Spanish)
  • LEGO supplies for our AniMate Math Center

If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask. We would be happy to assist you. Thank you for making a difference!

Supply Needs List
Spanish Book List

Spread the word

At its core, Common Hope is still a grassroots organization. We are where we are today because people like you have sponsored a child, volunteered in Guatemala, and shared the transformational experience of life in a developing country with your families, friends and coworkers. Today, Common Hope serves more than 14,000 children and adults. Please help us continue to meet this increasing demand by contributing your resources and skills to one of the following. If you have questions or would like to discuss your ideas, please contact our development staff at (651) 917-0243 or send us an email.

Host a party

Introduce your family and friends to our work by hosting a party in your home, church, country club, park pavilion, or workplace. Consider a party in honor of your birthday or anniversary as a fun way to help spread the word and increase our network of support.

Organize a presentation

Sign up to make presentations for Common Hope to raise awareness about the needs in Guatemala, or request a speaker from Common Hope to come to your church, classroom, civic group, or workplace.

Plan a fund-raiser

Volunteers from all over the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico and other parts of the world have helped Common Hope raise funds through projects as simple as a presentation and as ambitious as a fund-raising gala. Kids all over the country have organized lemonade stands and penny challenges. Faith communities have held alternative gift fairs. Regional groups have planned gallery events to feature students who need sponsors. There are many ways to fund-raise for Common Hope.

Ready to start volunteering?

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