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Doña Iliana shares her story of motherhood and proud mom moments

In this month of May, Common Hope would like to acknowledge and celebrate all of the mothers and mother figures who give so selflessly in order for those they care about to achieve their dreams. To all of the mothers everywhere, you are appreciated!

Common Hope understands that mothers are a child’s first teachers, their biggest fans, and they are often the emotional backbones of the family. Mothers like Doña Iliana, who leads her family with bravery and dedication, are everyday heroes working toward a better future––starting with their own families.

Like most girls, Doña Iliana had many goals for her future. Growing up in a small town, she heard of women graduating from high school and getting great jobs. Although Doña Iliana dreamed of having a professional career, she faced many challenges as a young person that prevented her from continuing her education. “My parents struggled financially and only allowed the boys to study while the girls were required to earn an income,” said Dona Iliana. “I was only able to study through the 4th grade,” she continued.

So, Doña Iliana moved forward in this way. She worked hard throughout her youth, married and had children of her own. In the early 2000s her family moved to a community called New Hope. She and her husband wanted to ensure that their children would have more opportunities than they had. In 2008 they partnered with Common Hope.

With her support and encouragement, Doña Iliana’s children took full advantage of all of Common Hope’s programs. Her oldest three children have graduated from high school. Most recently, her daughter Caterin graduated in 2019 with a teaching degree and is currently in her second year of university, not only studying math and physics – but also teaching those subjects at a local school!

“I am so proud to say that I now have two teachers and one mechanic in my family. My children are achieving their dreams, which is what I always wanted for them,” said Doña Iliana

Dona Iliana is a fearless mother who strived to create brighter futures for her kids. Now their dreams, and her dreams for them, are a reality. Her children are able to support themselves and that’s a big step forward for the entire family.

When asked about what the future holds, Doña Iliana said, “I see a future where my family continues to achieve their goals. I would love to see them graduate from university. And I see my children being great role models for their own children.”


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