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In the Kitchen with Vinicio: Guatemalan Enchiladas

As we leave winter behind and say hello to spring, we’d like to share a delicious recipe for Guatemalan enchiladas in this edition of In the Kitchen with Vinicio. It’s the perfect dish for warm weather and it can be made vegetarian-friendly, too! Bon appétit! Or as they say in Guatemala, ¡Buen provecho!

What you need:

Vinicio preparing enchiladas

Corn tostadas (fried tortillas)

Large leaf lettuce

For the meat topping (Omit for vegetarian option)

  1. 1 lb. pork loin

  2. 4 tomatoes

  3. 1 onion

  4. Pinch of thyme

For the “curtido” (pickled vegetable mix)

  1. 1 small cabbage

  2. 4 beets

  3. 2 carrots

  4. ½ teaspoon thyme or to taste

  5. 2 bay leaves

  6. salt to taste

  7. pepper to taste

  8. vinegar to taste (approximately 1 cup)

Guatemalan-style enchilada

For the salsa (tomato sauce)

  1. 1 lb. tomato

  2. 1 onion

  3. 1 red pepper

  4. Salt and pepper to taste

Additional toppings:

  1. 3 hardboiled eggs (sliced)

  2. 1 sliced onion

  3. 1 cup dry white cheese (queso duro)

  4. 1 cup chopped parsley


To make the “curtido”:

  1. Boil the beets in hot water until tender, let cool and then julienne or chop into small pieces

  2. Grate the 2 carrots

  3. Chop up the cabbage and then boil in salt water, (bring water with a pinch of salt to boil and then turn off heat and place cabbage in hot water for approximately one minute or until soft.)

  4. Combine cabbage, beets, carrots, vinegar, salt, pepper, thyme and bay leaves in large bowl and let sit in refrigerator for several hours or overnight, if possible.

To make the salsa:

  1. Boil 1 lb. of tomatoes, 1 onion and 1 red pepper until soft, then place ingredients in a blender or food processor to make into a sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste.

To make the meat topping:

  1. Boil the pork tender loin in water and put through a food processor

  2. Put 1 onion and 4 tomatoes through a blender or food processor and combine with processed tender loin mean in a fry pan and sauté with pinch of thyme

Make your enchilada:

  1. Place a leaf of lettuce on a tostada and then put a spoonful of curtido, then a spoonful of the pork meat mixture (optional), add a couple slices of onions, place a couple slices of boiled egg, sprinkle chopped parsley and cheese on top and it’s ready to eat! You can serve them already prepared or each person can prepare their own with their desired toppings.

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