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Sadie and Iliana, two girls a world apart, with lots in common

Sadie, an 11-year-old at Minnewashta Elementary, won an award for community work at her school. That award included prize money. Instead of buying something for herself, Sadie decided she wanted to make a difference. That decision led her on a journey to Guatemala to meet a young girl named Iliana, a young girl much like her.

Several Minnetonka District schools partner with Common Hope as part of the School Community Partner Program. The program provides students in the U.S. with opportunities to learn locally and and think globally.  That’s how Sadie first learned about Common Hope and about sponsorship.

Sadie decided that she wanted to use the award money to sponsor a young girl from Guatemala and ensure that she would have access to education and health care. The money Sadie received for her award was enough to fund the first 6 months of sponsorship, and Sadie’s parents agreed to fund the second half.

Sadie chose to sponsor Iliana, a girl from a pueblo close to Antigua who was 11 just like her. Both girls have similar interests — both love mathematics, reading, and playing with their younger sisters. And, both speak Spanish.

The Trip of a Lifetime 

Sadie began learning Spanish in kindergarten. This would prove to be a wonderful skillset during the Minnetonka Spanish Immersion trip to Antigua Guatemala this summer. This was Sadie’s first trip outside of the U.S. She traveled with her schoolmates, ages 11-17 – and her great aunt and Common Hope volunteer, Lil – on a Vision Team Junior trip. As part of that trip, Sadie had the opportunity to visit Iliana and her family at their home.

During their visit, the girls got to know each other and uncovered many common interests. Sadie brought her favorite card game, UNO, and taught Iliana and her sister how to play. The girls had a ton of fun playing cards and learning a little bit more about each other.

Both girls look forward to writing letters back and forth, encouraging each other when classes get tough, and forming a long-lasting friendship!

Sadie says she plans to continue to sponsor Iliana by earning money from doing extra chores around the house.

Sponsoring a student through Common Hope is special because anyone, young or old, can do it. Sadie and other kids just like her show us that making a difference starts with a decision to want to do something. We are so grateful to Sadie for sharing her sponsorship story and inspiring others (6 others, to be exact!) to also become Sponsors. 

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