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The Education Support team hosts fun festival to promote 2023 programs

Family playing board games in Common Hope’s library.

The school year has officially started for students in Guatemala, and everybody is happy to be back in school! Common Hope wants to ensure students stay excited about learning all year long. A fun education festival was hosted February 21-22 to share more information about the programs offered to students of all ages and their families. 

For students to be motivated learners, they need to feel supported and valued. Common Hope’s Education Support Programs create friendly spaces outside the classroom where students can address points of confusion that they may not have felt comfortable addressing in class and dive deeper into certain subjects or topics. 

These programs can be accessed by all students in a family, not just the student receiving tuition support. And, support programs are available to the littlest learners–– from age 0 in the Early Stimulation Program––all the way to students finishing their final year of high school with graduation and career workshops. 

Learning spaces like the homework center, computer lab, and library are available as a place students can go when they need extra support or a quiet place to study. These spaces create a fun atmosphere where students can receive one-on-one homework help and master new skills. 

Robotics program leaders tabling at the education festival.

This year, Common Hope is offering Music, English, and Robotics courses so students can explore new interests, meet other students, and have productive time outside of school that will help them gain crucial skills.

Equipped with information about available programs, students now know where to turn if they face academic obstacles, are seeking social learning environments, or want to explore areas they are passionate about. There is so much for students to achieve, and Common Hope’s educational support programs are there to help students reach their full potential.


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