Since 2004, Common Hope Sponsors have donated either $30 or $60 per month ($360/$720 annually) to supplement the cost of program delivery for each student and their family. Common Hope annually reviews our comprehensive programs and the cost to deliver these benefits to children and families, and each year covers the difference through grants and other program donations. A 2017 analysis demonstrated the average cost of program delivery per student/family to be $1,148, which led to the decision to implement the first increase in sponsorship fees in thirteen years.

Increased costs for comprehensive programs in education, health care, housing and family development, coupled with a multi-year reduction in the value of the US Dollar in Guatemala are the primary drivers for this increase. In November, the Development Committee recommended to the Board of Directors a $5 increase per month to each sponsorship level beginning in March, 2018. The board unanimously agreed to move forward with the increase, contingent upon the opportunity for sponsors to contact Common Hope and discuss other arrangements if the increase presented a hardship for the sponsor.

We want to reiterate that these decisions to not come lightly. We value all that every individual gives to make hope and opportunity possible for our families in Guatemala. We recognize that Sponsors are at the heart of our work. The Common Hope model of success counts on sponsorship. Everyone at the organization wants to reiterate that we hope you will call us if you find this increase a challenge. Please direct any questions about this notice to Stacey Minnick, Jessie Szopinski, or Teresa Hermodson-Olson at 651-917-1045 or feel free to email us at

As a reminder, the first sponsorship increase of $5 per month for both guiding and lead sponsorship levels will take effect March 1, 2018. Monthly or annual statements will reflect this increase beginning on March 1, 2018 as well.

Some have already contacted our offices to increase their sponsorship to cover the full amount of program delivery, or $96/month ($1,148 annually). If you would like to increase your sponsorship donation to cover the full cost of program delivery, visit Thank you for giving so generously!