Sara Kennedy from Virginia travels to Guatemala every year to volunteer with Common Hope. As a special education teacher, Sara knows firsthand about the opportunities that arise when students are granted access to education.

“Keep studying and your problems of today won’t be your problems of tomorrow.”

Sara used to explain this to Reina, the first student she sponsored through Common Hope. Even when Reina was going through difficult times she always remembered Sara’s words and continued to study.

Today, Sara is still touched when she shares about the special bond she had formed with Reina and the impact she had on her life.

But Sara’s impact goes beyond being a sponsor. For more than 10 years she has been volunteering her time and talents with Common Hope. From packing food baskets, to helping sort out bills and files in accounting, to organizing the pharmacy, to helping improve teaching methods for our partner schools, to translating many, many sponsorship letters – Sara has done it all.

Sara trusts in the mutual partnership between Common Hope and the families we serve. When she is not in Guatemala, Sara collects donations for Common Hope and spreads the hope across her circle of friends with quite an impact. Many of her friends have travelled to Guatemala as Vision Team members, volunteers, or to visit their sponsored students.

We are so grateful for all that you do for the families in Guatemala. Muchas gracias Sara!