We love our Common Hope partners.

What a FUN day! Our partners from Target Guatemala visited the New Hope School to spend a day with the preschool students. The students were very excited and the whole school gathered to give the Target team a big bienvenida with balloons, music, and lots of smiles.

The Target Volunteer Team met the New Hope staff and together they built a garden for the school. Hand-in-hand, they cultivated the garden beds and got them ready for planting. During a short break, the Target Volunteer Team was surprised with a short performance the preschool students prepared for them. The play was about a gardener who studied trees and flowers and collected seeds to plant in his special garden. The most beautiful tree he grew was the arbol de paz (tree of peace). The play was the student’s way of saying GRACIAS for all the support from Target — support that makes projects like this possible.

The Target team brought snacks to share with the students and during the break they had time to interact and share time together. Then with lots of energy and excitement, the Target Volunteers and Common Hope staff showed the students how to plant their herbs and vegetables in the garden. Together they created a beautiful green space to promote healthy eating and sustainability.

This project has been a dream for both students and teachers for a long time and finally, with the help from our friends from Target, this dream became a reality.

Common Hope is so grateful for having Target as a partner for more than 10 years!