Last week, our hospitality staff in Guatemala traded in their computers and office supplies for hammers and shovels, working alongside our construction staff in an effort to provide new homes for our families!

Development & hospitality manager, Erin Treinen, explains that the construction staff at Common Hope needed help because there were many families who had completed their sweat equity hours, yet they were still waiting for their new homes to be built. Normally, each Vision Team installs one home during their week stay, which averages out to be 25-30 houses per year. The past few Vision Teams did double the work and built two houses each as a means to fulfill the need, but there was still more to be done!

The hospitality department jumped at the chance to lend a hand to their fellow co-workers. Here’s a look at what they did:

– On Monday, they prepped panels, windows and doors.

– On Tuesday, they installed the house—in the sunshine and the rain!

– On Wednesday, they prepared another site’s area to later install the floor

– On Thursday, they carried cement floor tiles up a steep hill on an uneven rocky path. Needless to say, it was one of the most difficult days!

– On Friday, they laid down the floor.

Erin reflects on this hard, yet rewarding, week in construction and says that the hospitality team has gained a better understanding of the Vision Team experience because of it.

“Even though many of us have accompanied Vision Team members while they’ve worked in construction, all of us admitted that we didn’t realize how hard the Vision Team members work until we did it ourselves. It was a wonderful and humbling experience. Everything hurt after we installed the house, and it was more than worth some sore muscles to leave knowing that the family had a safe and dignified house to sleep in.”

Thank you, hospitality & construction staff, for stepping up and working extra hard for our families! You are a multifaceted and motivated bunch, and we appreciate your hard work every day.