Visitor and Sponsorship Relations Coordinator

Position: Visitor and Sponsorship Relations Coordinator
Location: Fundación Familias de Esperanza / Antigua Guatemala
Department: Sponsorship and Visitor Experience Team
Reports to:Associate Director of Sponsorship and Visitor Experience
Conditions: This is a Long-Term Volunteer position that includes a modest stipend to support living expenses; for those relocating, the position includes lodging for 3 months

Organizational Summary

Common Hope promotes hope and opportunity in Guatemala through a comprehensive approach that includes education, health care and housing. We work with impoverished children, families and communities to improve lives and break the cycle of poverty.

Position Purpose

Common Hope knows that human development works best when it happens in the context of personal relationships—since Common Hope’s beginnings, the relationships between families, staff, and supporters have been central to delivering on our mission. The vision of the Visitor and Sponsorship Relations Program is to:

  • build connection between families, volunteers and sponsors
  • provide a safe and healthy learning exchange through communication and experience
  • grow students’ access to education by expanding Common Hope’s funding base and resource network

In support of that vision, Common Hope | Familias de Esperanza hosts teams, small groups, and individuals, providing opportunities for them to learn about and experience Guatemala and the work of Common Hope. We believe it is imperative to facilitate an extraordinary experience that creates productive, worthwhile opportunities for families, staff and visitors to move the mission forward. The opportunities to visit Common Hope include but are not limited to Vision Teams, Dental Teams, One-Day Experiences, Short-term Volunteering, Tours, and Sponsorship Visits.

The Visitor and Sponsorship Relations Coordinator is responsible for organizing, facilitating, and leading team, small groups, and individual experiences. During each visitor’s stay, the Visitor and Sponsorship Relations Coordinator is charged with listening, sharing, encouraging, answering questions, facilitating communication with people in Guatemala (employees, affiliated family members and others) and making sure each visitor’s physical and emotional needs are met. The Visitor and Sponsorship Relations Coordinator is also responsible for learning donor interests and inviting all visitors to partner as volunteers, as investors, and as ambassadors by spreading the word of Common Hope in their communities.

Duties and Responsibilities – Projects may include, but will not be limited to:

Visitor Logistics and Management

  • Works with the U.S. and Guatemala Sponsorship and Visitor Experience teams, and other agencies and organizations to plan and arrange the following for visitors and sponsors:
    • schedule
    • transportation
    • sponsorship visits
    • volunteer assignments
    • food
    • reflection activities
    • cultural tours
    • other activities as needed
  • Provides clear and direct orientation to all incoming visitors regarding their health, safety, schedule; follow up with visitors if they are not following guidelines
  • Follows and enforces all visitor safety protocols and recommendations; immediately communicates any potential safety risks with Associate Director of Sponsorship and Visitor Experience; prioritizes visitor safety over visitor experience
  • Actively listens to visitors’ questions and identifies opportunity for deeper engagement and understanding of programs; communicates visitors’ needs with Associate Director of Sponsorship and Visitor Experience and Executive Management Team
  • Leads reflection activities for teams that educate and challenge complacency; provides opportunities for historical and cultural context
  • Encourages and accompanies visitor in their emotional connection to the mission and what they’re observing during the course of their experience (whether that be one day or a week)
  • Serves as subject matter expert, educating visitors in Common Hope programs, long-term impact, and cultural context
  • Spends time with teams during evenings and weekends including receiving teams at airport, dinners with teams on and offsite, translating weekend cultural activities

Relationship Building

  • Deliver positive, meaningful, inspiring interactions and communications with all visitors
  • Seek to identify opportunities to deeper engagement among visitors as prospects
  • Communicate opportunities for deeper engagement among visitors with leadership
  • Deliver on communication plan for teams, individuals, sponsors, etc.
  • Encourage child sponsorship in all communication and contacts with visitors
  • Manage vendor relationships effectively including restaurants, transport, families and more


  • Translates activities, visits, and interactions between visitors and families/staff; asks clarifying questions and provide cultural context to visitors as needed
  • Captures and documents visitor data and communicates potential engagement opportunities
  • Provides Common Hope tours to individuals and groups of the Antigua site and new communities
  • Supports Sponsorship Program needs including acquiring annual student photos and letters
  • Communicates visitors’ medical needs immediately to the Hospitality Manager and Clinic Director
  • Assists in the planning and execution of major visitor events such as Graduation and board meetings
  • Administrative support
  • Other responsibilities may be added according to the individual interests of the volunteer, needs of the organization, or pivots required by Covid-19

Candidate Requirements

  • Commitment to the mission, vision, values, principles and goals of Common Hope and its four sites in Guatemala
  • Demonstrated attitude of service, commitment to work in a service environment, and to learn about Guatemalan culture
  • Spanish-English proficiency required; excellent communication skills—effective listening, writing, speaking, and presentation
  • Willingness to encourage and uphold a team atmosphere with fellow staff and staff at other sites
  • Ability to take initiative and to work both independently and on a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team
  • Ability to collaborate effectively between departments, leaders and peers
  • Demonstrated cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness
  • Quick learner
  • Willingness to share work experiences with donors, sponsors, teams and others to raise consciousness and fundraise
  • Detail-oriented; excellent organization skills and ability to multi-task
  • Openness to change; flexible and patient
  • Quick problem-solving capability
  • Outgoing and enthusiastic
  • University studies preferred, minimum high school degree
  • Experience in hospitality, education, or volunteer coordination preferred
  • Minimum one-year commitment
  • Willingness to move to Antigua, Guatemala for the duration of the volunteer service
  • Noteworthy: Availability on weekends and evening; position requires a flex-schedule based on visitor timelines and will include evenings, Saturdays and Sundays when teams are in town

To apply:

Send resume and cover letter in English to Erin Treinen at