Meet long-term volunteer Heather White

If you’re Guatemala-bound this year, you will most likely meet Heather, our Team Coordinator. Read the Q and A below to learn about how she got involved with Common Hope, her hopes for the future and more! Position: Team Coordinator Time with CH: 3 months Favorite Spanish phrase (and it’s meaning in English): “Buena onda” […]

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Big smiles for a new dental chair in Antigua’s clinic

Early this month, we received a new dental chair in our Antigua clinic thanks to Saul Ovalle! Saul is a Pediatric DDS who was raised in Antigua and now resides in Minnesota. Saul completed his dentistry degree in Guatemala and continued his specialization at the University of Minnesota. His family still lives in Antigua and […]

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Photos from School Supply Days in Guatemala

In mid January, Common Hope held the annual Días de Útiles, or School Supply Days, in San Rafael, San Miguel Milpas Altas, New Hope and Antigua. Each year, Common Hope provides approximately 3,300 school supply bags, which contain everything children need for the school year–that’s about 12,000 pencils, 3,400 pairs of scissors and 19,200 pens! The combined […]

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Preparing young ones for scholarly success in San Rafael

Every year, about one in three Guatemalan children fail first grade. Many of these students come from impoverished homes of parents with little education, most of whom are unable to provide their children with adequate stimulation—the lack of which delays their development and puts them at higher risk of failing once they do start school. This […]

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A pedagogical workshop in Antigua aids in developing math-teaching skills

Teachers2Teachers—International (T2T-I) partnered with Common Hope this past November by conducting a two-day workshop for educators that focused on mathematical pedagogy. Approximately twenty-five teachers from Antigua and New Hope participated in this workshop, along with Carlos Lopez Levia, Chadd McGlone and Karen Rothschild, the T2T-I members who facilitated this learning experience. Together, they worked in […]

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