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About Us

We aim to provide students with educational opportunities and the necessary tools, resources, and support to ensure success both academically and within the family unit.

Common Hope promotes hope and opportunity in Guatemala by partnering with children, families and communities who want to participate in a process of development to improve their lives through education, health care, housing and family development.
Our Mission Statement

Life in Guatemala exhibits a striking duality of brilliance and socio-economic challenge. Many struggle to secure gainful employment sufficient to sustain themselves or their families. A considerable portion of Guatemala's populace resides below the income threshold. The average daily income for families is less than $4.00, and a significant 26% of the population lives on less than $2 per day. Global institutions like the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) identify Guatemala as one of the most unequal countries in Latin America and the world.


Guatemalan culture is centered around family ties. However, numerous households face financial constraints preventing them from sending their children to school. This predicament contributes to the country's literacy rate, standing at 69%, ranking among the lowest in Latin America. 1 out of every 3 residents has never been to school and most adults have less than a 4th grade education. Only 32% of children complete junior high and only 18.6% receive a high school education. But, it is likely that if a student graduates from high school, they not only can lessen the effects of poverty, but they can often have a positive impact on the whole family. A high school diploma significantly increases the chances of employment and can lead to necessary systemic change in Guatemala.


Common Hope, in collaboration with its partners, recognizes the pivotal role education plays in reducing the effects of poverty on Guatemalan families. For nearly four decades, Common Hope has significantly improved the graduation rates of thousands of students by fostering multifaceted family partnerships and programs. These initiatives encompass education, healthcare, housing, and overall family development. By providing students with educational opportunities and the necessary tools, resources, and support, these programs aim to ensure success both academically and within the family unit.


Since 1986, over 2,500 students affiliated with Common Hope have successfully obtained their high school diplomas. In 2017 our third long-term impact study revealed that Common Hope students graduate from high school at a rate significantly higher (3-4 times) than the national average. Furthermore, the study highlighted that Common Hope graduates tend to earn higher incomes, secure better employment, experience an elevated standard of living, maintain better health, and exhibit a more positive outlook on the future.


Common Hope's multifaceted approach is designed to establish partnerships with Guatemalan families that dismantle barriers hindering educational attainment, prepare students for the workforce and fundamentally reduce the effects of poverty for these communities. The data gathered validates that participation in Common Hope's programs distinctly enhance the likelihood of graduation and expands the possibilities for a better life.

“All these years that I have been in school, Common Hope has helped me reach my educational goals. The visits and letters from my sponsors, the social worker visits encouraging me, supporting me and guiding me to choose my school and my career track,”
- Fredy, A recent Common Hope Graduate from San Rafael

We plan to make an impact that affects Guatemalans for generations to come.

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