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Common Hope promotes hope and opportunity in Guatemala by partnering with children, families and communities who want to participate in a process of development to improve their lives through education, health care, housing and family development.

We lay the foundation for lasting change; Guatemalans pursuing and fulfilling their dreams. The obstacles and struggles families face today will not be the same for the next generation.

Our Programs

  • Common Hope's Education Program aims to empower youth in Guatemala by providing vital resources and support. With a high school diploma, earnings can double, fostering long-term change. The program offers tutoring, access to technology and libraries, and individualized support to combat dropout rates. Together, we cultivate future leaders and break cycles of poverty.

  • Common Hope's Family Development Program recognizes that a child's education is deeply intertwined with their family's well-being. In Guatemala, issues like poverty and abuse hinder success. Social workers provide holistic support, offering parenting programs, legal aid, and emergency relief. Families collaborate to address challenges and build a future free from poverty and instability.

  • Common Hope's Health Care Program addresses the pressing healthcare needs of impoverished Guatemalans, reducing preventable illnesses and injuries. Our comprehensive services, including medical clinics, screenings, and pharmacies, provide vital care from respiratory issues to chronic diseases. We prioritize preventative care, offering dental and prenatal services, as well as support for chronic conditions like diabetes.

  • Common Hope's Housing Program addresses the dire housing conditions faced by families in Guatemala, offering safe and stable homes. Many live in inadequate shelters prone to disease and accidents. Through our program, families can earn homes with essentials like clean water and electricity, fostering a conducive environment for children's education. We aim to break the cycle of poverty by providing dignified housing solutions.

Where We Work

Common Hope works in over 30 communities helping nearly 10,000 impoverished children and adults create a better life for themselves. Our programs in education, health care, housing, and family development are offered through four main locations: Antigua, San Miguel Milpas Altas, San Rafael, and New Hope.

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