Involvement today makes
a difference forever.

Vision Teams are the backbone of Common Hope’s support system. These groups of volunteers are changing the lives of Guatemalans, as well as their own, eight days at a time.

An experience as unique as the team itself, your Vision Team experience will combine elements of service and education to give you a true cultural exchange. Interact with the students and families we serve and learn from our staff that makes the work happen every day.

What is a Vision Team?

A Vision Team allows you to experience the people, culture, and beauty of Guatemala first-hand. This is a completely immersive experience. Vision Teams can be formed by anyone. We welcome teams of friends and family members, workplace teams, corporate teams, school and civic groups and faith communities. We offer different team experiences to fit your needs.

Vision Team Experience

Spend a week in Guatemala with 10-15 team members doing hands-on work to make a difference.

Team Builders

Take a quick trip Guatemala with 6-15 team members as you make a big impact in just four days.

Vision Team Junior

Give your kids an International missions experience of a lifetime with an eight-day trip to Guatemala.

One Day Experience

Visiting Guatemala for another reason? Sneak away for one day and experience our mission in a mini-version!

Goals For Your Experience

  • Provide Common Hope’s affiliated families and staff with services, skills and resources
  • Better understand the complexities of poverty, reflect on the need for Common Hope’s programs and learn about Guatemala
  • Embrace Common Hope’s vision and become an ambassador to friends and families

Ready to Go?

Let’s Chat

If you want to join a Vision Team but can’t start your own, we may be able to find you one. Dates on the Trip Calendar are occasionally opened to individuals looking for a team. If you’re interested, contact the U.S. Vision Team Manager at 651-287-0712.