When we come together as a unified front against poverty, we accomplish something truly incredible. By partnering with Common Hope, you have the option to use your time, talent, or treasure to make a difference and help students and families in Guatemala move forward. There are several ways for you to partner with Common Hope. Whether it’s as an individual, school, faith community, or workplace, partnerships are what keep our mission thriving.

Join The Pathway

Where there’s education, there’s a path forward.

Become a member of The Pathway with a monthly donation that supports Guatemalan families’ basic needs and keeps kids in school.

Partners will receive:

  • Common Hope’s monthly e-newsletter
  • Annual Thank You from Guatemala
  • Member welcome gift

Community Partnerships for Your Workplace, Faith Community, or School

Common Hope is committed to helping you connect to the world around you and to each other while making an impact for those living in poverty in Guatemala. Get your company, faith community, or school involved and together we can work to end the generational cycle of poverty.

Common Hope offers unique and customizable partnership opportunities for your group. We are proud to have partners across the United States that are joining us to promote cultural competency and inclusion in order to make the world a better place for all.


Volunteer in the U.S. or in Guatemala

Common Hope’s work is not possible without the support of volunteers who give their time and talents. If you are interested in traveling to Guatemala to volunteer, please click here to learn about Vision Team trips.

You don’t have to go to Guatemala to make an impact. There are many ways you can help right here in the United States.


Join the Common Hope Esperanza Society

Common Hope wishes to recognize the leadership and generosity of our donors. Members of the Esperanza Society donate $1,000 or more annually to further Common Hope’s mission in Guatemala.

Witness Circle

Recognizes annual leadership gifts of $1,000-$2,499

Ambassador Circle

Recognizes annual leadership gifts of $2,500-$9,999

Visionary Circle

Recognizes annual leadership gifts of $10,000 or greater


Ready to start a partnership?

Let’s Chat

Whether you want to become a Community Partner, Esperanza Member, or just want more information, contact Teresa Bettmann to take the next step.

Teresa Bettmann
Common Hope Outreach & Partnership Manager
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