Education is one of the largest hurdles standing between the children of Guatemala and a higher quality of life. With your support, a child and their family have access to Common Hope’s comprehensive programs, which have each been carefully tailored to achieve the ultimate goal: graduation. Because with graduation, better jobs are available. And better lives possible.

You have the power to make a difference. Your support allows these children to attend school, visit the doctor and live in a clean, safe house. Their hopes and dreams for stability and success are all there — and with your help, they become a reality for generations to come.

The cost of change.

When you sponsor a Common Hope student, you are providing opportunity not only the student, but to their entire family. The cost to sponsor a student is $65 per month. We call sponsors at this donation level “Lead Sponsors.” Or you can be a shared sponsor at $35 per month. We call sponsors at this level “Guiding Sponsors.”

What sponsorship dollars are building


For children living in poverty, the basic costs of school supplies can be what keeps them from attending school. Our Education Program covers all costs, including tuition, books and school supplies. We also provide extra academic and social support for struggling students.


Difficult living conditions caused by low-quality housing can lead to many sick days for children in Guatemala. That’s why our Housing Program provides the opportunity for families to work sweat-equity hours to earn a home that is clean, dry and safe. Families can earn additional housing improvements such as a stove, latrine, cement floor, retaining wall and utilities like electricity and running water.

Health Care

Whether or not a child can show up and do well in school largely depends on not just their own health, but also the health of their family. Our Health Care Program provides basic health care for families, as well as dental care, prenatal education and nutrition services.

Social Work

Each family has unique challenges hindering their escape from poverty. Through our Family Development Program, families collaborate with a Common Hope social worker to create goals and develop plans to achieve them. Families also have access to employment services, legal assistance, Alcoholics Anonymous, parenting education and emergency relief.

Ready to take the next step
toward changing a life forever?

Sponsor a Child

If there are any questions you’d like answered before getting started, give us a call or send an email: (651) 917-1045; sponsorship@commonhope.org.