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Sponsor a student today, change a life forever.

In this anniversary year, Common Hope will feature a new gallery each month with 12 students who need sponsors. This month’s Power of Hope Sponsorship Gallery features young men in need of a sponsor, many of whom will be the first in their family to graduate from high school! They are one or two years away from graduation, and now is the time they need support the most. Choosing between going to school and working to earn an income for their family is a real dilemma they face. Become a sponsor today so that they can focus on long-term goals and lifelong change!

MATCHING GIFT NEWS! New sponsors in March will have their first month of giving matched! For 13 years, Patrick Walters’s support has changed lives. Patrick has sponsored as many as five students at once. Today, Patrick sponsors two aspiring graduates. To encourage others to do the same, Patrick is matching the first month of sponsorship support for new sponsors this month. Patrick has witnessed the impact of his support––in all, Patrick has helped nine graduates change their lives! Sign up to sponsor now and double your giving!

Three students have been sponsored!