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It’s World Book Day!

Today is World Book Day! Usually Common Hope’s library is buzzing on this day, students and parents come together to participate in reading activities. There are many ways for families to dive in to the world of books. From Early Childhood Reading, to borrowing books to read at home, to Story time for parents and kids, to Common Hope’s Star Reader Club. Today, read more about Montserrat and David, two of Common Hope’s Star Readers.

Montserrat Montserrat is four years old. She is one of the library’s most frequent visitors and a member of the Star Reader Club. One afternoon Montserrat and her mom were reading at home when her aunt called. Montserrat answered, telling her aunt that she couldn’t speak to her because she was reading. Her aunt didn’t believe a four year old girl could read.

“Yes, I do!” said Montserrat and started telling a story using her own words following the pictures of her book. Her aunt got her kids on the phone so they could listen to Montserrat’s story too. Since then, her aunt and her cousins have been calling Montserrat once a week so they can all share a story together.

David  Common Hope Student, David, is 11 years old and his favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. He has read seven of the 13 books in the series. David’s mom, Marta, first came to the Common Hope library when David was just three years old. They participated in the Early Reading Program. She read to him until he was ableto read his first book, Froggy Goes to School, on his own. This started David’s love for reading and he has been visiting the library every week since.

“Two years ago I read 100 books in one year! Now the books I read are longer, so I can’t read as many,” David explained.“I like reading more than watching TV because I learn a lot more. I love learning new words, too!”

David’s teacher shared that he excels academically. She attributes this to his exposure to books at an early age. He reads at a higher level than most students in his class. David’s attendance at the Common Hope library earned him a special reward — his entire class was invited to join him and borrow books, too. “I like showing my friends around the library. I know where most of the books are,” David said.


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