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Celebrating HHM all year long with 3M

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month all year long with 3M

3M is honoring Hispanic Heritage Month by partnering with Common Hope to support education for children in Guatemala. The community came together throughout this month to pay tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our society.

Walking for Hope To kick off the month, 3M’s Latino Resource Network hosted a Walk for Hope at the 3M campus in Maplewood on September 15. The walk celebrated Hispanic culture and Hispanic contributions––and through their fundraising efforts, 3Mers are providing essential academic support for students in Guatemala by raising a total of $1,235, which fully funds 10 weeks of tutoring!

The walk event brought together over 30 3Mers along with their friends and family. At the start of the walk, the Hispanic Star Flag, a symbol to unify all Latinos, was raised, followed by words of prosperity and hope from Natacha Rajlevsky, 3M Global Portfolio Director, Shari Blindt, Common Hope Executive Director, and Marina Pariseau, 3M Chief Diversity Officer.

“This Hispanic Heritage Month is especially meaningful to me, I started reflecting on what heritage means to me, and I just felt an immense sense of pride for my roots. I know that my upbringing, where I’m from, my culture, mi gente, have really shaped who I have become as a person and as a leader.”- Marina Pariseau

Since music, food, and fun are an essential part of Latino culture, the event included live music from a marimba band, Hispanic-inspired snacks, and Mexican food from a local food truck! ¡Que rico!

Bridging Cultures Through Volunteerism The 3M Latino Resource Group continues to support Hispanic achievements by volunteering with Common Hope throughout the year. More than 535 3M employees have volunteered with Common Hope and 19 students have 3Mers as their sponsors. 3Mers have played a critical role in bridging the relationship between sponsor and student by translating over 5,100 letters from Spanish to English! 3Mers also participated in the Gift Hope Project, wrapping birthday gifts and writing cards for students’ birthdays to ensure that every child knows they are special and celebrated on their birthday.

Supporting Philanthropic Efforts During Hispanic Heritage Month, Common Hope also celebrates Sponsorpalooza, a time of year when Common Hope recognizes its sponsors and recruits others to become a sponsor. This year, 3M Latino Resource Network made possible a $10,000 3M Equity Grant, which served as a matching gift that doubled new sponsors’ donations dollar for dollar.

Thank you to 3M for their incredible partnership that ensures students in Guatemala have access to quality education and the opportunity to learn, grow, and lead.


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