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Chispudos “sparks” interest to learn from home

“Adaptability to change is itself a hallmark of successful education.” Peter Hilton, Renowned Mathematician & Code Breaker

Just like taking Vitamin C boosts your immune system, keeping up with your multiplication tables and reading boosts your educational health and well-being. In Guatemala the private and public schools have been closed since mid-March. As the Covid-19 crisis continues to affect the country, there is still no clear directive on when they will open.

Education is the heart of Common Hope and has been for over 30 years. So, while Guatemala’s public education system works to pivot fast, Common Hope is working to sustain educational health among students. The Common Hope Team stepped in and created a SPARK!

Beginning in March, the education staff started thinking about how they could help learning from home. As they started to develop a strategy to help students keep engaged in learning, there was much to consider—What was the best way to reach them? What tools were available in their homes? What would keep students engaged and busy; develop their critical thinking skills, and continue building foundational skills in math and reading? The answer the created? Chispudos aka “Sparks” in English!

Chispudos is exciting and engaging! This new program is a series of regular videos delivered via Facebook to connect over 1,000 Common Hope students to learning. Preschool through sixth graders have access to new videos every day and the content ranges from academic to artistic to health and hygiene to emotion management and vary by age range.

Students and parents are encouraged to participate in the learning and send videos or pictures with the content. At the end of every week, Chispudos publishes a Newscast and gives a special shout out to the top 10 families that participated that week. 750 members are taking part!

Perhaps the silver-lining to the Covid-19 pandemic is being witness to individuals, families, and entire communities quickly adapting and innovating to the new normal. Common Hope is no exception.

*Access to Chispudos is private and exclusive to Common Hope families with primary school students


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