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Paint with a Purpose: Faith Ralston’s creative and visual way to give back to Guatemala 

Photo: Faith Ralston (top left), Phillips Vision Team, and a Common Hope family)

Faith Ralston recently returned from her first Vision Team experience in Guatemala. Before her trip, she set out to raise $1,700––enough to fund a home for a family–through her passion program, Paint with a Purpose. Paint with a Purpose showcased 35 original paintings intended to evoke fond memories of places you love; a hike in the woods, a moonlit beach, a waterfall, or a beautiful vase of fresh flowers. The exhibit ran from January 7- 31 at White Bear United Methodist Church. 

“I love to paint, but my joy is magnified when I have a purpose in mind,” shared Faith. 

When Faith was in her twenties, she visited Guatemala and fell in love with the landscape, people, and language. This year she returned to Antigua, Guatemala, on a Vision Team to volunteer with Common Hope. Her hands-on experience building a home for a family strengthened her connection to her Paint with a Purpose fundraiser.

“My home is essential to me. It’s the place where I relax and feel safe,” said Faith. “This past week, we built a home for a family with six boys aged eight months to 14 years. They were sleeping on the floor in one bedroom that had a leaky roof. After this trip, I know firsthand what a difference this home will make in their lives.  It was only one week in my life, but it will change their lives forever.”

“I wish everyone could witness what a difference their donation can make,” continued Faith.

Many of the families that Common Hope partners with do not have a safe, secure, and comfortable place to call home. Faith believes that a home can serve as the foundation that allows a family to navigate their education, work life, and the world with more confidence.

“As I was painting, I imagined creating a home for a family in Guatemala. ‘Maybe it will be a home for a single mom struggling to send her kids to school and make ends meet,’ I thought. That’s a BIG payback for an activity that brings so much joy to me,” she said

Through Faith’s creative fundraising efforts, more than $2,000 have been raised, and a family in Guatemala now has a place where they can create memories and grow their love. Thank you so much, Faith, for your incredible act of kindness that will help families thrive.

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