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Celebrating Common Hope’s Star Students

Overcoming barriers to succeed in school

In Guatemala where more than 30% of children fail first grade at least once and only 32% complete junior high, we celebrate students who stay in school and keep working. In addition, Common Hope’s academic support programs ensure kids stay on track to graduation. Early childhood education, tutoring, access to a computer lab, a library, youth groups, and one-on-one support for at-risk students are all a part of Common Hope’s resource portfolio.

This year, 125 Common Hope students achieved and maintained top marks in their classes. In Guatemala grades are measured from 0 to 100 points–– to qualify honored students reached an average of at least 80 points (80%) in all classes throughout the entire school year; some reached even higher marks of 85, 95, and 100. Consistent hard work and dedication secured their spot on Common Hope’s honor wall, and qualified them as 2019 Star Students.

Hard work, dedication, and pride

This is a first for Common Hope. For the first time Common Hope’s Scholarship department organized a ceremony to honor these high achievers. Nineth Garcia, Scholarship Manager, shared the importance of both helping at-risk students AND recognizing those who are doing well.

“We often hear a about students that are struggling in their classes. But there are also students that are doing very well in school. We wanted to recognize their efforts. While our Star Students are doing well and are achieving academic excellency, they still face obstacles, limitations and scarce resources like other students. Despite this, they are overcoming the odds,” said Nineth.

All 125 Star Students and their family members were invited to attend the inaugural Star Student Ceremony. Country Director Rebecca Sanborn, Common Hope staff members, and school directors all participated in the event. Every student received a Star Student button with their name on it to put on their backpack as a daily reminder of what they have achieved.

Nineth hopes that the buttons will motivate theses students to maintain their good grades and encourage them to collect another button next year. She also hopes it will serve as an incentive for their peers to become Star Students in 2020.“We want these students to feel proud of themselves,” said Nineth.

¡Felicidades a los Estudiantes Estrellas de 2019! Congratulations to the students and their parents! Common Hope looks forward to hosting the 2020 Wall of Honor and Star Student Ceremony!


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