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Florida Charter School Gives ‘Home Sweet Home’ New Meaning

The inspired mind can accomplish great things no matter the age! Common Hope School Partner Bonita Springs Charter School proves it and are this month’s honored supporters in action.

Just last December, Spanish teacher, Sarah Egberg confirmed that Bonita Springs Charter School was excited to be a Common Hope School Community Partner to not only learn more about Guatemala, but to also put their learning into action.

“I am so lucky as a teacher to be able to share with students what I find so beautiful and amazing about Guatemala–the languages, art, culture, and the people. At Bonita Springs Charter School it’s extra special because many of the students’ families are from Guatemala originally, so they are able to share their experiences as well. Once I told my students about Common Hope and the great work they do, they were really motivated to help in any way they could,” says Sarah.

It wasn’t long after Sarah’s introduction to Guatemala that her students got busy. Her lessons about Guatemala and the challenges of life there quickly inspired her students to act. Before she knew it, the students created a plan to support Common Hope’s mission and make a difference by raising enough money to buy a home for a family in need. The students created a plan to raise money through a COMMON HOPE DAY. Their plan? “WEAR BLUE FOR COMMON HOPE,” selling blue t-shirts they designed. Everyone who bought one could wear it to school. Then they held a “dress down day” where students paid one dollar to “dress down” and not wear their uniforms that day.

One student was so inspired she created a painting as a gift to the family receiving the new home, representing the powerful new bond between Bonita Springs Charter School and a family in Guatemala. Because of Bonita Springs Charter and Sarah Egberg, Doña Blanca’s family can say, “ home sweet home .” Check out the LIVE FROM GUATEMALA section of this eNews to meet the family and see the painting that the student created for them to hang on their wall.


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