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From Inspiration to Action: Madeline's Volunteer Story

As we celebrate National Volunteer Month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a remarkable volunteer - Madeline! Through her Vision Team experiences in Guatemala, Madeline not only found inspiration but has also become a catalyst for change. 

What Inspired Madeline to Volunteer in Guatemala? 

Madeline's journey with Common Hope began with a simple suggestion from her Rotaract advisor, but it quickly evolved into a life-changing experience. "I believe in people helping people, so traveling with Common Hope was an opportunity I could not turn down," shared Madeline. 


Common Hope's Vision Team Experience provides service-based trips that are customized to meet the specific needs of the communities in Guatemala that we serve. Each trip is unique, and every day for team members is different. As a volunteer, you will be supporting our dynamic program needs, which may involve working with health, education, housing, and other programs.

After her first trip to Guatemala, Madeline knew she had to go back. The impact was mutual between her, our team in Guatemala, and the students and families we serve. The service work, cultural experiences, and connections left an incredible mark on her heart. 

Madeline's desire to help others and her curiosity about the world laid the foundation for what would become a deeply fulfilling volunteer experience. For those considering joining a Vision Team with Common Hope, Madeline has one piece of advice: go for it! 

"For now, me and my Rotaract group at Lakeland University are holding several fundraisers in hopes to sponsor a student through Common Hope next school year," said Madeline. 


Connecting Passion with Purpose 

Madeline initially pursued studies in education, but she has since shifted her focus to communications. This does not mean that her love for education has diminished — in fact, she remains just as committed to spreading the importance of education as ever before! With aspirations to work with non-profits in the future, Madeline sees her volunteer work as a steppingstone toward creating lasting change in the world. 

Favorite Memories and Lessons Learned 

From outdoor adventures to heartwarming sponsorship visits, Madeline's time in Guatemala is filled with cherished memories. "There are too many good memories to pick from," she shared. However, the simple moments like sharing meals with the Common Hope team, enjoying breathtaking views of the volcanoes, and working on the construction site left the most lasting impression on her. 


Celebrating volunteers like Madeline reminds us of the powerful impact individuals can have when they unite with a common purpose. During National Volunteer Month, let us draw inspiration from the countless acts of kindness and positive impact made by volunteers in the US and Guatemala every day. 



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