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From Shelter to Sanctuary: The Journey of the Paredez Family

In years past, May would bring tears of frustration to Nancy and Concepciòn Paredez because it marked the start of the rainy season in Guatemala. During the rainy season, which typically lasts through October, they constantly had to rearrange things in their small one-room home to keep their items dry and usable. When it rained, everything became wet and unsafe, including their beds, clothes, and backpacks, and the house itself became unstable. 

Nancy and Concepciòn had a desire for a home that could be their sanctuary to raise their three growing kids; where they could focus on school and let their dreams take flight. This year, the Paredez family was eligible to receive a fibrolite home.  

The Paredez family used to spend hours repairing parts of their home and the leaky roof. It had reached a point where the family spent more time apart than together due to the limited space in their home. “Now that we have more space, I can actually say I love living in my home. As a family, we can share meals, get the kids ready without asking the neighbors to use their water, and the kids have more privacy which is important as they get older,” shared Nancy.  

Working to build a brighter future  

Common Hope’s Housing crew is all hands-on deck when it comes to the build. “From start to finish the team came in and I was ready to take off work to help, and they said ‘no we’ve got this’, and I felt cared for,” said Concepciòn. The heartache of living without adequate space and basic necessities, such as running water and a bathroom, is over.  

Through a partnership with Common Hope’s Housing program, families like the Paredez family can have a safe and comfortable home with improved living conditions. With more space and less crowding, families can experience happier dynamics and improved well-being. Nancy shares that during construction the family would take walks in different directions just to view the house from different angles. Then they would say, “Look at how beautiful our house is.”  

But their journey does not end here 

Looking ahead, Nancy and Concepciòn dream of finding a plot of land to call their own and build a future for their children. With the mobile element of their fibrolite home and renewed spirits, there’s no doubt they will succeed.  


“In that moment when we first walked in, I opened the windows and took it all in,” Nancy expressed. “I said, ‘my home,’ and a dream became a reality. The house was made with love, and we were safe.”


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