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HOME SWEET HOME(S)   – Building brighter futures for 35 families 

“We are thankful to have the support of another local nonprofit, as by working together we can support more and more families.” – Fernando, Housing Manager 

Excitement is in the air for 35 Common Hope families as they received new homes over the summer, thanks to a special partnership with fellow non-profit Constru Casa.

Both Constru Casa and Common Hope share a mission to provide families with a safe and healthy place to call home. A home is more than just a shelter; it serves as the very foundation upon which a better future can be built. It enables families to pursue their goals, nurture their relationships, and turn their dreams into reality.

In May, Common Hope’s housing team started building houses for families in the Antigua area. The team’s dedication to improving the lives of families was clear as they worked hard to finish the project by the end of August.  The efforts of Constru Casa and Common Hope resulted in 35 families receiving new homes, complete with energy-saving stoves, desks, water filters, and bunk beds to enhance their living conditions. These housing initiatives not only provide families with a safe and secure environment but also empower them to focus on their children’s education. 

The partnership between Common Hope, Constru Casa, and our families symbolizes the power of collaboration and the collective efforts it takes to make change. These collaborative efforts offer a fresh start and new possibilities for students, their families, and their community. The new homes mark the beginning of a new chapter filled with optimism, stability, and opportunities for a better life.

Your help is essential in empowering our families and aiding them in achieving their educational goals. By donating to Common Hope’s Housing program, you can help us provide safe and secure housing to more families and offer them a brighter future. Click here to make a difference. 


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