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The Vital Role of Healthcare in Student and Family Success 

In Guatemala, access to healthcare can be challenging for families. When a family member falls ill, it often requires taking time off work to seek medical care. This can result in financial strain as they lose a day’s wages and potentially face medical bills. For our students, it sometimes means leaving their studies to supplement their family income.

Carlos, a Common Hope Familias de Esperanza student, had his life take a turn two years ago when his father passed away suddenly. His father was his main pillar of support, providing emotional and financial stability to the family. Adding to the family’s hardship, Carlos’s mother has been battling serious health complications that have led her to be bedridden. This situation has placed a heavy financial burden on Carlos’s older siblings, who have taken on the responsibility of covering the medical expenses and supporting their family. These hardships would impact any child’s emotional well-being and academic performance, not just for our students in Guatemala.

Carlos, soon-to-be 2023 graduate.

Supporting Dreams through Education Despite these emotional and financial challenges, Carlos is determined to graduate. His social worker saw that Carlos and his family needed more educational support and health assistance. She referred him to Common Hope’s educational and vocational workshops to ensure he was supported every step of the way during his last year of school.

Carlos was fully engaged in the workshops, becoming more than just a participant but a leader supporting students and staff in activities. These workshops not only offer guidance on future employment but also provide a network of support for students like Carlos.

“I dream of graduation day and being able to support my mom just like my older brothers do,” shared Carlos.

Currently, he is maintaining a remarkable 90-grade point average. 

Healthcare is Key for Brighter Futures Though the central focus of Common Hope Familias de Esperanza is our educational mission, a family’s ability to thrive and their children’s ability to stay in school depends on their physical and mental health. Carlos’s story serves as a reminder of the critical role that healthcare plays in the success of students and their families. Access to healthcare services, emotional support, and educational opportunities are interconnected factors that can help students like Carlos overcome challenges and work toward a brighter future. Supporting individuals like Carlos in their educational journey benefits not only them but also uplifts future generations and communities.

Carlos’s steps to ensure that he meets his educational goals have paid off! He will be walking The Pathway of Dreams and joining the graduating class of 2023!

To support students like Carlos and brighter futures, donate to the Walk for Hope


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