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University of Akron Vision Team takes the pie

The University of Akron recently joined us on their second Vision Team to Guatemala. We were so impressed by the students’ enthusiasm, hard work, and desire to turn every experience into an opportunity to learn. We were also impressed by their ability to fundraise.

Prior to their trip, the students came up with a fun, unique fundraising event that made a splash on campus. With a donation to their Vision Team, a participant would be given the opportunity to “pie” their professor or watch their professor get “pie’d.”

The idea caught on quickly and many dedicated professors got on board, promoting the Pie Fundraiser in their own classrooms. But the students wanted to take it one step further. They asked the University President, Matthew J. Wilson, if he would be willing to participate. He agreed with one condition. The students had to raise at least $200.

Students jumped at the opportunity to watch their professors and President Wilson get pie’d. In the blink of a pie, the team raised $1,000 in donations for Common Hope. Talk about the frosting on the pie!

When the team returned from Guatemala, they got President Wilson and all of the professors and participants together for the official “Pie’ing.” The students even broadcasted this big event on the University TV station with help from their Vision Team Leader and Professor of Practice, Juan Contreras. Now that’s the kind of reality TV show we would love to watch!

With a little teamwork, creativity, and help from their professors, the University of Akron students excelled at fundraising while also engaging their student body and administration.

Check out more photos and video from their Pie Fundraiser! A special thank you to Professor Juan Contreras and the University of Akron for photography and video usage.

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