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Youth Festivities and Family Day at New Hope

Celebrating Día de la Joventud (Youth Day), Family Day, Soccer championships, and so much more…

¡Qué alegre! At Common Hope’s New Hope School, Common Hope staff has been busy organizing a variety of events to honor youth and celebrate their families.

International Youth Day

Beyond supporting kids on the path to high-school graduation, Common Hope also seeks to prepare students to be compassionate leaders in their local communities. Providing kids with access to education is the most critical factor, but it’s also important to provide opportunities outside of the classroom for kids and teens to have fun and be themselves, learn and grow through new experiences, and connect with their peers in a safe environment.

In celebration of International Youth Day, Common Hope hosted a special festival this year with fun activities like singing, dancing, and a soccer championship. That day there was also an election of a school government comprised of young leaders. Forming a school government prepares teens to take on more responsibilities and gives them greater confidence in their decision-making skills.

“We want to remind our youth that they are not only important for Common Hope but also for society. The goal of these activities is to create safe spaces and experiences for youth,” shared New Hope’s Youth Coordinator, Jonathan.

New Hope Family Day 

At a separate event, New Hope students and their families were invited to join in the fun at a Family Fair hosted by Common Hope! More than 800 students and family members enjoyed a day full of activities, games, costumes, snacks, and lots of smiles and laughter. New Hope’s Family Day celebrates the power of the family unit and focuses on strengthening family bonds while also having fun together!

Promoting healthy lifestyles 

This was the third year that the Youth Race, “Respiremos Vida” (Breathing Life) took place at New Hope. The race is hosted in alliance with Guatemala’s Executive Secretary against Drug Addictions, with the goal to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent substance use. There was an outstanding turnout this year with 125 young people and 42 kids and parents participating in the race. New Hope’s youth leadership group helped coordinate the event and provided support for the race. Participants received a diploma, medal, and a backpack to commemorate the special event!

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