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2023 HopeMasters Golf Classic Recap

Common Hope Familias de Esperanza hosted its annual golf tournament, the HopeMasters, on Monday, August 28th, 2023. The tournament, hosted at the Minneapolis Golf Club delivered amazing views, stunning greens, and a wonderful golf scramble dedicated to driving change.

Thanks to our incredible sponsors, donors, and golfers, $137,000 was raised to provide safe and secure housing for students and families in Guatemala. What a hole-in-one! The contributions made by our 120 golfers and guests has a significant impact on families’ lives by making their dream of a secure and safe home a reality. 

Josue (left) and raffle winner.

Common Hope’s Director of Operations, Josue, flew in from Guatemala to give exclusive updates about the housing program and was the keynote speaker of the event. Josue shared that housing is essential for all people and that a home creates the foundation of our social and emotional life.

“Close your eyes for a few seconds, think about your home, and think about what it makes you feel. When I think about my home, I feel proud. When I asked some families, they expressed different sentiments because of inadequate access to housing caused by lack of funds,” shared Josue.

Many Guatemalan families face challenges in accessing the formal financial system. As a result, banks are hesitant to provide them with loans, and government initiatives don’t exist to assist families in securing housing funds. Common Hope Familias de Esperanza’s housing program helps families and communities acquire secure and dignified homes, allowing them to break the cycle of poverty. A home creates a more stable home environment so families can focus on their goals and their children can focus on education.

Thank you to the five golfers who sponsored students!

“I have personally witnessed the life-changing impact of Common Hope’s work on countless children and families over the years. I have many friends who thanks to the support received, can now go in search of their dreams. I feel very honored to be able to serve my community and others around, thank you,” continued Josue.

We are grateful to all our golfers who participated in the tournament, dedicating their day to contribute to Common Hope’s housing initiatives. By doing so, you are driving change and making a significant impact on families’ lives, helping them achieve their dream of a secure and safe home.

We hope everyone had a blast, and we can’t wait to see you next year!

Click here to see photos from the event.  


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