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National Volunteer Month: Building Spaces for Families to Grow

Photo: The Chacón family, Holy Spirit volunteers, and the Common Hope housing team

All families deserve stability and a safe and secure place to call home. Families can focus on and achieve their long-term goals with access to the right tools. Common Hope and an energizing Vision Team from Holy Spirit Lutheran Church from Kirkland, Washington share the same vision––that if a family has a dignified place to call home, they enter a world of possibility. 

Holy Spirit Vision Team members traveled to Guatemala for a week and volunteered in Common Hope’s housing program. As soon as they landed, they hit the ground running to support the housing team and make a transformative difference in the lives of the Chacón family. 

The Chacón family.

Angela Chacón wanted nothing more than a comfortable and secure home for her son and daughter. She dreamed of having more space where her children could feel organized and focus on their studies. Angela and her husband originally built a small house made from tin with dirt floors. Their kitchen and dining room were located outside, which affected their health and hygiene. They did not have adequate space to feel comfortable.

Angela was delighted when she heard she would be receiving a home. This meant security for her and her family. “We were very happy and grateful to benefit from this program; we did not expect it.” shared Angela.

During the house build, volunteers and the housing team worked tirelessly to pour concrete, raise the walls, and add the roof to the Chacón’s new home. It was a week-long project that changed the lives of all parties involved, including long-term volunteer, Gabe.

“Seeing the faces of the families when we are working and finishing the house– their happiness and gratitude fill my soul. Through volunteer roles, we are becoming agents of change and are contributing to change the life of not just one person but of an entire family and, hopefully, generations to come,” Gabe shared.

The volunteers and housing team celebrated the completion of the Chacón’s new home with a special dedication, which Angela and her family consider one of their favorite memories.

“Celebrating with the housing team and volunteers was a very joyous and enjoyable time. I am just so happy to have more space to spend time with our children,” explained Angela.

“I hope to celebrate birthdays with my children, see my children graduate, and share more wonderful experiences with my family,” she continued.

All volunteers play important roles in the success of families like the Chacóns. Thank you for helping build stronger families and communities, one home at a time. Congratulations to the Chacón family on their new home; there are countless memories to be made.


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