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New Country Director, Rebecca Sanborn, sees the power of Common Hope

Greetings Common Hope friends!

It is with great pleasure that I can say that I am officially part of the Common Hope/Familias de Esperanza team. I kicked off my days with orientation and training, as well as embarking on planning for 2017. It has been incredible to be exposed to the work of my colleagues here in Guatemala.

In the library, I was able to see the supportive healthy space that is created for kids ages 2-18 and their families. In a Nurturing Parenting session, I heard parents talk about their most memorable meal from childhood and reflect on how important it is to make meal time a time when families come together.

During my visit with the Sponsorship team I saw how carefully and patiently they receive applications from hopeful families who would like to become part of Familias de Esperanza.

I greeted a Vision Team with my hospitality colleagues and said then goodbye to them alongside small children from the Antigua Day Care Center.

I learned more about the new communities where we work; specifically the challenges that small farmers’ families face in trying to create a more dignified life.

I was able to attend the 10 year anniversary of our school building at New Hope, as well as, witness the graduation of three schools from Phase 1 of our Partnership School Program.

I witnessed the amazing experience of coming on a Vision Team and the wonderful collaboration between our visitors, families and staff.

Every place I went I learned from my new colleagues just how caring they are and how important it is to them to ensure that students dream andfamilies are united. Since my arrival at Common Hope/Familias de Esperanza I have been shown an unconditional hope for the future and a fundamental commitment to caring and giving.

In the coming weeks we will be preparing to receive a volunteer dental team, a visit from the Board of Directors, continue planning for 2017, and finalizing the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.

We are getting ready to kick off Sponsorpalooza next month, getting ready to receive the shipping container filled with school supplies and, most importantly, we will be preparing to celebrate the graduation of 168 students in November. This is the most exciting time of year for all of us to watch students reach this milestone and we can recognize all of our collective hard work!

I am looking forward to working with this team toward 30 more years! And to watching the acceptance, patience and support that make up this Common Hope/Familias de Esperanza community!



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